Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One year ago!!!!  Yes, last March, MC started a new MC Little People!  He had it half finished, when for no reason, HE STOPPED!  A month ago, for no reason again, he started working on it!!!  Today it is being unveiled!!!!!

This is now my "favorite"!   I love it!!!!  MC does all the cooking in our house.  This is perfect!  My only input was the "color" of the stove!



Tuesday, March 11, 2014



We have passed this sign each time we have traveled to our new home-site!    The Community we are locating to  is in Grayson, Georgia.  Grayson is in Gwinnett County, Georgia in the middle of  a WEALTH of amenities!!! 
More later......  Lots more..............

Our schedule going forward is WILD!
We are having my Brother, Bobby, visit us tomorrow night on his return home to Ft. Myers from a special Art Workshop in Greenville, South Carolina   Quite a short visit, but fun!

On Monday, our Granddaughter, Tess, is coming to spend her Spring Break with us.  We have some fun days planned.  Can't tell you how happy we are she wanted to visit us!!!!

  March 25th, the packers come to pack "The Kitchen"  which will include the usual plus our treasures!!   I convinced MC it was a necessary expense!  Too old to do all that this time around.

March 26th, the truck is loaded!  Then MC and I will CLEAN!

March 27th we have our Closing at 11:00am!

March 27th, at 5:00, our wonderful neighbors  are having a Going Away Party for us at our Golf Club, Cannongate.  We have spent many wonderful times there with this wonderful group of friends.  We will miss them very much.   We are so humbled they are having this for us!!!

March 28th, our Closing for our new home in a community called Olde Town Grayson.
The truck will be waiting for us after closing to MOVE IN!!!

Then the rest of our lives begin!!!!

Stay tuned for the Rest Of The Story!!!
 P.S.  Gotta go and start packing!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Over the past few years we have met many, many people.  Few here in Sun City have a similar take on design as I do.  When I met Patty, yes, another Patty, ( and her husband's name is Steve!), she mentioned her home was very similar to ours!  I visited last month and this morning returned with MC.  She loved my SW Silver Strand paint and had painted  a couple of her rooms .  The color was as perfect in her home as it is  in ours!!!

The work they have done in their home is amazing!    I have been trying to describe all they did for weeks and now with their permission,  MC took a few pictures so I can share them with everyone.

Steve is an expert at working with tile and has done FABULOUS tile flooring, back splashes and has  plans of more genus projects  to come.  He is redoing all the tile work in their home.  The tile flooring goes through the kitchen, casual dining room,  screened porch, patio and will continue into the outside hard landscaping.  This area will include an outside kitchen, dining area and a seating area.  ALL DONE BY STEVE!    When that's finished they  have unbelievable plans for their baths, which I hope to see when completed.   

These pictures were taken with my iPhone!   I had  hoped to be able to give you  a glimpse of what outstanding work they have done, but with the iPhone the detail doesn't show up!  MC did the best he could!

Their furnishings are white, with crystals and silver tones.   Even their family cat is white and blends in perfectly!!!

Right of Foyer
The walls were painted with SWSilver Strand
I am afraid you really can't appreciate how gorgeous it is!!

Den/TV Room 
 To the left of the Foyer
Walls painted Silver Strand

behind sliding doors


The back splash is unbelievable!  There are jewel tone tiles forming that square.  MC couldn't capture it with my phone....so sorry Patty
BTW the pendant lighting are Swarovski Crystals!

Steve installed beautiful tiles to form a fabulous border !

Love the door to the Pantry!  Glass with the word Pantry engraved on the front!


Steve tiled the wall under the eating bar
In this shot you can barely get a glimpse of the tile border.



Thank you Patty and Steve for allowing us to feature your fabulous home.

I can't wait to return in a few months and see the outside work done!!!!